My Online Persona

These are my websites, and when haphazardly stitched together, they almost make up one whole person. Enjoy!


The Uncritic is my un-approach to popular culture. I discuss and critique anything from books, to films, trailers, music, and politics. Mostly, I make fun of Twilight.



My inappropriate, time consuming, hilarious, artistic, and depressing personal Tumblr. I probably should not show this to anyone, but I’m going to anyways. Sorry, Mom!



Songs About DriftersSongs about Drifters is my travel photography blog.  Anything gorgeous, pondering, melancholy, ethereal, and wander-lust related. Sit back, relax, and endlessly circumnavigate the world.

Existential Crisis? Click here!The essential existential, from Franz Kafka to Fyodor Dostoevsky. I collect quotes, pictures, and images to create a layered bricolage of existential discourse. This is by far my most inspired, literary, and popular Tumblr.


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